Company management

Pechnikov Mikhail

Deputy CEO

Born in 1973 in Alexandrov, Vladimir region.

1996 – graduated from Moscow Energy Institute (Technical University) with a degree in Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic Drives and Hydropneumatic Automation.

Since 1996 - Engineer at the Moscow Energy Institute.

Since 2001 – Deputy CEO at OAO ”Comitrern Online” (Open Joint-stock Company).

Since 2003 – Head of Information Security at ZAO “MOST” (Close Joint-stock Company).

Since 2006 – CEO at OAO ”Comitrern Online”.

Since 2013 – project manager at OOO “Techno-traffic”.

Since 2014 – Deputy Director on the Project Management Department of the Project Complex at ZAO “Sitronics KASU” (Close Joint-stock Company).

Since 2016 – Deputy CEO at OOO “VoiceLink” (LLC).